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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Kitchen Consultant!

The Kitchen Consultant:

Do you like to cook but feel like you either don't have the right kitchen supplies or your kitchen is so cluttered and unorganized that it takes all the fun out of cooking? Well, The Kitchen Consultant is here to help! This service provides consulting on what kitchen needs/equipment your kitchen might be missing to make things run more smoothly and cook stress-free. I will go through your entire kitchen and make a list of things I see or don't see that can end any anxiety that you may be having in the kitchen. You want to cook more but every time you try to do so you end up frustrated with not having the proper kitchen necessities. Maybe you have every thing you need to cook stress-free but you just can't find it!! Whip those pots and pans into shape and if you will, let me find your kitchen's "Feng Shui"!
Call 415-335-8831 or email for pricing and details.

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