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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

La Famiglia Foto Files....

La Famiglia Delicatessen ~ The Family Deli in 1979

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This is where it all began.....Back in 1979 my Grandmothers Italian Deli in San Ramon, La Famiglia Delicatessen(The Family Deli). From right to left, my grandmother Antoinette, my auntie Yvonne and my auntie Pricislla. I remember eating so much Italian salami when I was a kid! Yummm..(Hadley is my divorced name so my maiden name Brincat is featured in the article, grandma and one aunt kept their maiden names) It is so awesome to still carry on the family food written up in the press 31 years later. :)

The Brown Dog Deli ~ Second Family Deli in Oregon 2002

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Second family Italian Deli after my grandmothers in 1979(posted above) The Brown Dog Deli started by my brother in 2002 in Creswell Oregon.....proceeded by more good Italian food from of course, Simmer and Sear!