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Monday, November 30, 2009

Give the gift of cooking.....

Yes, the holidays are here and the stressful answer to the question: "What am I going to buy for gifts this year??" can be right here! Give the gift of cooking!!! Why not think outside of the box this year and give something that you don't put in a box....creativity!

Simmer and Sear offers private cooking lessons. The chef will come to you in your kitchen and cook up anything your heart desires....If you know someone that loves to be in the kitchen but needs some help creating those yummy dishes or someone that doesn't know how to cook at all and would like to learn......Give them the gift of cooking!

I know part of the fun of giving Christmas gifts is giving that special someone a gift in their hands....not to worry, this can been given in a gift certificate form personalized anyway you like. For example: If you would like to give someone a cooking lesson for making recipes from Asia/Thailand/China...I would give you the gift certificate in the form of chopsticks and a Chinese take out box wrapped in a ribbon. You can give Italian classes in the form of a gift certificate in an Italian colored apron with pasta wrapped with it....etc...You get the idea! :)

Please inquire within to find out prices and what the lesson includes.
Contact: via email or by phone at (415) 335-8831

Happy Holidays and Happy Cooking!